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              1. Foil winding machine
                author:Juli electric

                Foil winding machine

                The foil winding machine is used to wind a low-voltage coil with one foil and two insulations, and is equipped with a TIG or cold pressure welding CPW system unit

                Foil winding machine

                1. Foil Winding Machine-FWM1000

                The machine is specially designed for manual or semi-automatic production of round, oval or rectangular low-voltage coils, with one copper foil or aluminum foil and two insulations. Both ends of the coil have end insulation. It uses argon arc welding or extreme frequency welding to weld the outgoing ends. On the foil tape.

                The machine has its own electric control cabinet, which is placed separately.

                There is a UPS in the electric control cabinet, and the winding program can be stored in the event of a power failure.

                2. Main technical parameters of foil winding machine FWM1000

                Foil winding machine

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