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              1. High voltage winding machine
                author:Juli electric


                Horizontal winding machine, with full width insulation, can wind up to 2 round wires or 2 flat wires



                Horizontal winding machine, paper tape layer insulation, can wind up to 3 round wires


                1. High voltage winding machine

                This machine is suitable for manual or semi-automatic production of round, oval or rectangular high-voltage coils. It adopts full-width insulation, insulation at both ends of the coil and a wire system. It can wind up to two round or flat wires in parallel.

                This machine is equipped with a dedicated electric control cabinet and placed separately. Equipped with UPS, the winding program can be saved before the power outage.

                2. Main technical parameters of high voltage winding machine HWM1500

                horizontal winding machine

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