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              1. Teach you how to correctly load and unload molds and plastic surgery
                author:Juli electric

                The winding machine can only work normally if the winding mold is used correctly. The correct loading and unloading of the mold plays a key role in the formation of the coil. The loading and unloading process of the mold is generally to loosen the fastening device first, and then remove the equipment. The thimble tailstock, finally use the shifting device to remove the coil. When installing, pay attention to first install the mold on the fixing device of the winding machine, adjust the thimble tailstock to withstand the winding mandrel, and finally lock it; The thimble must not be loosened and the equipment should be in a stopped state when the coil is reshaped during the manufacturing process. Only by handling properly can the efficiency of the equipment be better utilized.

                The role of loading and unloading mold

                The winding skills of the transformer winding machine must first be based on the type and characteristics of the wire to be wound, the number of turns and the appearance of the material, the winding speed should be like self-adhesive wire, enameled cotton thread, etc., and the set wire diameter must be increased a lot. , Because the outer skin is not very smooth and has no inertia characteristics. The winding speed of the thin wire should not be too slow, but it must be started with a slow climb to avoid breaking the wire. For thick lines, the speed should not be too fast (overspeed), but attention must be paid to whether the torque at medium and low speeds is sufficient. When using aluminum wire, please pay attention that the tensile force should be adjusted to be much smaller than that of copper wire of the same thickness, so as to prevent the wire diameter from being thinned and the outer insulating paint to burst, which will affect the quality of the product. When the aluminum wire is used, due to the decrease of the tensile force, the set wire diameter should be appropriately increased. Combining your own tension needs can reduce the number of reels. The shape of the winding object of the transformer winding machine has a considerable relationship with the height of the wire arranging device and the distance of the wire. The speed of the square winding object should not be too fast. There will be round convexities in the middle, which will affect the neatness of the winding. The height of the object to be wound and the wire arranging device should be appropriate. If the line is too low, it will fall into the lower layer, and if it is too high, there will be a jumper. The distance between the flex cable and the wire to be wound should not be too far, which will affect the accuracy of the flex cable follow-up coupling. The tightness of the cable outlet is also related to whether the winding and the cable are beautiful or not. Precautions for setting the winding machine Calibrating the width and unwinding point of the object to be wound is the first priority and the most important. When the starting point is correct, start winding, you can stop at both ends to test whether the set width is correct. When starting to wind, whether it is beautiful or not, the opening point is too forward or too behind (the exit point is not perpendicular to the object to be wound). The wiring is too sparse or too dense (the wire diameter setting is incorrect).

                The rotation at both ends is too fast or too slow (the width setting is incorrect: too fast = not enough width, too slow = too much width). Whether the cable follower is getting faster or slower (and then fine-tune the size of the wire diameter: faster = change smaller, slower = change larger). Pay attention to the coupling situation of the cable after winding several layers. The object to be wound is deformed by winding multiple layers. The wire diameter marked on the enameled wire is the actual wire diameter, so the thickness of the enameled wire must be added when setting the wire diameter to be correct. After the winding is completed, the return (displacement) of the arranging device also affects. For sparse winding, the opening point is best to go forward, and the width is better to be reduced. Jumping winding can generally be overcome in the setting method.

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