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              1. How to work safely in summer horizontal winding machine
                author:Juli electric

                The season is a test for many electrical equipment, and the horizontal winding machine is no exception. At the beginning of the design, the common winding machines on the market have taken into account the footprint and aesthetics, and most of them adopt a compact design. After continuous use, many parts of the winding machine will generate a certain amount of heat. If it cannot be cooled in time, equipment failure and component damage may occur. So how can we effectively cool down and spend the hot summer safely? Here are some tips from Shandong Juli Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.:

                Horizontal winding machine

                First, perform a comprehensive inspection of the winding machine. The focus of the inspection is the working status of the cooling system. In the winding machine, the control system, flat cable system, frequency converter and various power supplies usually have their own cooling fans. Check whether these fans are working properly and whether the cooling holes of electrical components are blocked. If conditions permit, you can also perform an operating temperature test , Observe the temperature rise after continuous operation of the winding machine.

                Secondly, clean and remove the dust on the cooling fans in time; after a long time of operation, the oil stains and dust blocks formed inside the equipment, as well as the dust covered by the electrical components and the housing can be cleaned up. Alcohol and compressed air can be used to help clean up and clean up. Every working part must be lubricated in time to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

                In addition, the working environment of the winding machine is easily overlooked. In fact, this is very important. The suitable working place for the winding machine is flat ground, well ventilated, and no other high-power electrical equipment around. Avoid dampness and poor ventilation. In addition, when using the winding machine in summer, pay special attention to the temperature change of the equipment and whether there is any peculiar smell. If there is any bad condition, it should be shut down for maintenance in time.

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