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              1. Leading device of foil winding machine
                author:Juli electric

                The foil belt of the winding machine passes its coarse adjustment detection rod and idler roller, wipes the felt pad and enters the feeding roller (tension roller). The coarse adjustment deflection detection rod is hung on the lower link and can swing left and right. The upper end of the left link rod pulls the spool of the deflection valve through the wire. When the foil tape is far away from the detection rod, the weight of the link sags and the right end spring causes the left link to push the spool to the left through the wire, and the coarse adjustment cylinder is pulled. Uncoiling device and material coil.

                Leading device of foil winding machine

                The foil tape of the winding machine moves to the left until the detection rod is in the equilibrium position. If the foil tape is left to the left, it will push the detection rod to turn the deviation adjustment valve core and pull to the right, and then control the coarse adjustment cylinder to push the unwinding device together with the foil tape The right end is in a new equilibrium position, and the deviation adjustment valve is always in a critical state. The detection rod can be moved and adjusted on the lower link to ensure that the left edge of the foil tape is at the left and right sides of the engraved line of the supporting roller, so as to ensure that the foil tape is within the range of fine adjustment. If the deviation adjustment action fails:

                (1) The steel wire connecting the spool is broken or disconnected. The method of replacing the steel wire or tightening the steel wire is to fasten the steel wire at one end of the spool first, and then pull the other end of the steel wire, and make the cylinder in the state of passing oil. In the critical state, the screws can be tightened.

                (2) When the detection rod is in the free state (that is, the foil strip does not touch the detection rod), the deflection adjusting cylinder still pushes the unwinding device to the right. At this time, the position of the valve core of the deflection adjusting valve is deviated to the left. Loosen the screw of the steel wire connection and pull the spool to the right to make the oil cylinder return and tighten the screw after it is in a critical state.

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