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              1. The working principle of toroidal winding machine
                author:Juli electric

                First, evenly wind the wires on the wire storage ring, and then use the shuttle to wind the wires wound on the wire storage ring on the skeleton. The skeleton is driven by the servo motor to rotate, so that the wires are evenly arranged on the skeleton. When the wire is wound to a certain amount , And then wind the tape on the frame through the wire storage ring, and then wind it on the winding machine.

                Working principle of toroidal winding machine

                Analysis of winding tension

                Through production practice, it is found that in the entire winding process, the key to the winding is to tighten the wire around the skeleton with appropriate force. Therefore, we will focus on the factors that affect the winding tension below.

                1. The grinding torque of the rotating part of the thread bobbin

                2. The moment of inertia caused by the acceleration of the thread bobbin part (including the wire wrapped in the thread bobbin). The main part of the frictional torque is generated by the tension mechanism, which prevents the wire shuttle's pay-off movement and tightens the wire to generate winding tension. Due to the influence of the winding ring surface and its deviation from the center position in the winding gear, even if the winding is at a constant speed, the movement speed of the thread shuttle is small and uniform, which generates the moment of inertia caused by acceleration, which affects the winding tension. The movement speed of the thread shuttle can be regarded as composed of two speeds: one is the speed Vo equal to the speed of the pulley on the winding gear, and the other is the speed at which the thread shuttle releases the amount of wire.

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