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              1. The purpose and characteristics of the body assembly frame
                author:Juli electric

                The use of body assembly equipment:

                The body assembly frame is a professional equipment for large and medium-sized transformer assembly in the transformer manufacturing industry. This equipment is generally composed of two frame bodies arranged face-to-face and symmetrically. Adjust the horizontal position to meet the different requirements of the operating position when the transformer is assembled.

                Body assembly equipment use

                main feature: 

                The operating platform is lifted by a motor + worm gear reducer + screw lifting system (can also be lifted by a cylinder, the lifting speed can be adjusted arbitrarily), with electrical and mechanical double self-locking protection. Ensure that the lifting platform can be safely and reliably parked at any position.

                The middle part of the lifting platform is equipped with a power socket, which is convenient for the staff to use common electric tools on the standing platform.

                Several drawer-type extended small platforms under the workbench are equipped with positioning pins. After pulling out the small platform, insert the plug in time to prevent slipping off and hurt people.

                There is a 150W arm illuminator at both ends of each frame, and a fluorescent lamp is equipped under the workbench to increase brightness and facilitate operation.

                The wheels of the assembly frame are made of polyurethane wheels, which are strong and durable, have sufficient mechanical strength, do not damage the ground, and do not have static electricity.

                Two sets of centralized operation button stations are installed on the left and right frames: one on the ground and one on the workbench for easy operation. The ground control panel of the assembly frame and the operating button station of the workbench are interlocked to prevent misoperation. Both the walking and lifting motors are brakeable.

                The upper part of the platform is equipped with high-power illuminators to provide sufficient light source during work.

                All components related to safety requirements are subject to heat treatment and flaw detection inspection.

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