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              1. Advantages of hollow coil winding machine
                author:Juli electric

                At present, there are a lot of automatic hollow coil winding machines circulating in the domestic market, and these equipments are unique models in Japan. They are set through the mode that has just started in the country, and they have been fully reformed to form the Japanese series or the Korean series. And several domestic equipments, in addition, these equipments also have their own unique personality and style.

                Hollow coil winding machine

                What are the advantages of the hollow coil winding machine?

                First, the air-core coil winding machine can be set freely, and the operation is more convenient and free.

                Second, the design of the model is more convenient and the quality is quite guaranteed. In addition, the stable performance of this kind of equipment is quite good, and the precision of repetition is also quite high.

                Third, all automatic operations and operations, without any manual intervention and operation after debugging.

                The air-core coil winding machine has high performance and is extremely stable during the winding process. With the development of the times, air-core coil winding machines will also be trusted by more manufacturers and customers, and this type of equipment will gradually enter countless machinery manufacturers.

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