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              1. How to work safely in summer horizontal winding machine
                The season is a test for many electrical equipment, and the horizontal winding machine is no exception. At the beginning of the design, the common winding machines on the market have taken into account the footprint and aesthetics, and most of them adopt
                Leading device of foil winding machine
                The foil belt of the winding machine passes its coarse adjustment detection rod and idler roller, wipes the felt pad and enters the feeding roller (tension roller). The coarse adjustment deflection detection rod is hung on the lower link and can swing lef
                The working principle of toroidal winding machine
                First, evenly wind the wires on the wire storage ring, and then use the shuttle to wind the wires wound on the wire storage ring on the skeleton. The skeleton is driven by the servo motor to rotate, so that the wires are evenly arranged on the skeleton. W
                The purpose and characteristics of the body assembly frame
                The use of body assembly equipment: The body assembly frame is a professional equipment for large and medium-sized transformer assembly in the transformer manufacturing industry. This equipment is generally composed of two frame bodies arranged face-to-fa
                Advantages of hollow coil winding machine
                At present, there are a lot of automatic hollow coil winding machines circulating in the domestic market, and these equipments are unique models in Japan. They are set through the mode that has just started in the country, and they have been fully reforme
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